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Terms and conditions for using the Kato Portram conversion service
What is the Kato Portram conversion service?

The conversion service is offered to those who may not be confident with the soldering iron but would like the motor bogies to work on their own for my 4mm scale, 009 gauge Lister Autotruck type loco body kit or for your other projects.

With this I dismantle your tram and modify the motor bogies so they can work on their own by soldering the wires onto the bogie and install a resistor.

You will need to post to RT Models the tram/chassis unit for me to convert.
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1. If you order a Kato Portram conversion service(s)at the same time as the Lister style Autotruck kit then i won't dispatch your kit until i have received the chassis's from you of which once converted it will be sent to you with the kit to save you on postage unless you request otherwise.

2. RT Models cannot accept responsibility for any damage to the chassis once you have recieved it as i didn't manufactur them of which also the original warrenty will no longer be valid.
The chassis's will be tested before conversion and after to make sure they run well before dispatch.

3. The chassis's are very small and must not be run at more than half power or with a feedback controller, in doing so you may end up damaging the motor or gears. Treat the chassis with respect.

4. Don't overload the chassis with too many whitemetal wagons as this won't do it much good as the gears are very fine and you could also risk overloading the motor.

5. If you wish to have the motor bogies posted back with a signed for postage, please visit the "Ordering" page for selecting a additional postage service at extra cost.

If you take a look at the instructions below for the Lister Autotruck, it goes into detail about the conversion and also shows a photo of one converted.
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